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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AEON LED Lighting-MR16

ASTERIA is a minor planet that orbits the Sun, and also considered in the Greek Mythology as the Amazon that defeat the all mighty Heracles. ALT’s ASTERIA can be presented as a strong, smart and efficient light bulb. ALT’s Asteria MR16 series guarantees the outstanding efficiency and quality of High Power Products.

All these make MR16 products ideal for general business and decorative lighting purpose, including shop Lighting, Hotel lighting, and Commercial Applications. You can simply install it within the showcase of the boutique, and add up bonus for the display. Also, Asteria MR16 series can easily and smartly help you lessen energy consumption up to 90%, it will enhance your business profitability and help the environment to flourish. Asteria MR16 series certainly be the product to create a more beautiful and efficient world.

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