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Sunday, September 4, 2011

ATG Electronics Corp. unveils ETL-listed LED troffers

ATG iBright announces its new line of ETL-listed LED troffers. This line of troffers are reliable and cost-effective LED replacements for fluorescent troffers that are widely used in offices, hospitals, etc. They are offered in flat designs with three available dimensions: 1X4 ft, 2X4 ft and 2X2 ft.

iBright 1X4 is rectanglular in shape, consisting of of 2 pieces of 1.2m (4ft) LED engines and powered by a 1100 mA external driver;
iBright 2X4 consists of 4-piece 1.2m (4ft) LED engines and is powered by two 2200 mA external drivers.
iBright 2X2 is square in shape, consisting of 4 pieces of 0.6m (2 ft) LED engines and powered by an 1100 mA external driver.

The iBright LED troffer is an eco-friendly, solid-state LED lighting system which produce bright, even illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption. It adopts high luminous efficacy Samsung LEDs (80lm/W for the fixture).

iBright LED troffer is assembled by milky covers, which allow the light to be evenly distributed and create a homogenous, glare-free illumination.

Features & Benefits:

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