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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Energy Star releases Draft 1 of V1.0 product specification for lamps

The US EPA has released the first draft of the Energy Star Lamps V1.0 specification for partner review and comment before December 9.
The US Environmental Protection Agency has published the first draft of the Energy Star Lamps V1.0 specification at, along with a cover letter (presented below) explaining the development process behind the draft and the focus on performance requirements beyond efficacy for LED lamps. For instance, the draft includes a proposal for a minimum lifetime requirement of 10,000 hours for LED lamps (i.e., rated lumen maintenance life of 10,000 hours).

The Energy Star Lamps specification is limited to lamps intended to be connected to the electric power grid. The specification includes photometric performance requirements, lumen maintenance and reliability requirements, luminous intensity distribution requirements, electrical performance requirements, lamp toxic reduction requirements, dimensional requirements, and lamp labeling and packaging requirements for all lamps included in the specification.

Importantly, several lamps are not included in the Energy Star Lamps specification including lamps that operate on an external ballast, driver or transformer; lamps powered by an internal power source, e.g. solar; lamps with other power-consuming features that do not provide useful illumination; lamp technologies without applicable industry standardized methods of measurement; lamps with bases not detailed in ANSI standards; and Zhaga-standardized LED light engines.

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