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Friday, June 24, 2011

LED replacement lamps

Canada and US, other countries as well are undergoing major LED retrofit programs. At the same time, LED lamp market in Japan is growing fast. US legislators are seeking to reverse the incandescent bulb ban.

The retrofit will reduce a company's electricity use by more than 16 million kWh per year, this energy saving enough to enable 197,000 families to use most efficient washing machines for a full year. Sears Canada is banning the sale of inefficient incandescent and halogen lighting. Replacing inefficient lighting products with LED and CFL options in a major move to save consumers energy and money, while empowering to take sustainable steps at home.

As part of a wide-ranging program to reduce energy consumption and waste, Macy’s is replacing halogen lighting with LED lamps, including iPAR lamps from MSi. Last year Macy’s replaced over 130,000 60-watt halogens, and in 2011 another 280,000 LED lights will be installed in over 200 stores.
Replace your incandescent bulb to LED energy saving environmental friendly bulb today.

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