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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Streetlight Intelligence, Streetlight Intelligence, National collaborate on street-lighting technologies

National Semiconductor and Streetlight Intelligence plan to combine their respective experience in integrated LED drivers and intelligent control and monitoring products for street lighting.

Streetlight Intelligence Inc. plan to integrate SLQ's Lumen IQ adaptive street-light control systems together with National Semiconductor's LED driver technology. They will also develop and promote integrated LED driver and intelligent control and monitoring products for street lighting.

The next generation of hardware for the Lumen IQ system will be evaluated, including a spatial redesign of the Lumen IQ controller to fully integrate inside all styles of street-light fixtures. In addition, the companies plan to enhance SLQ's existing intelligent control and monitoring product for high-intensity discharge (HID) street lights.
This potentially have a dramatic effect on the overall adoption of LED-based adaptive street lighting.” "By working closely with National, our ultimate objective is to increase the use of intelligent street-lighting controls, reduce the cost of production and ease the cost of installation," states Vince Krynski, CEO of SLQ

Joe DeNicholas, Director of National Semiconductor's Lighting Business Unit, said that SLQ shares National’s vision regarding the global adoption of adaptive street lighting. “With National's abilities in integrated circuitry, analog and power-management systems along with SLQ's advanced control and monitoring technologies for both LED lighting as well as HID legacy systems, there is an opportunity to realize our shared vision to develop a unique, world-class street-lighting technology platform."

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