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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seoul Semiconductor unveils Z6 and Z7 HB-LED lamps

LED manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor has added two new high-brightness LEDs — the Z6 and Z7 — to its Z-series family. The company says that it plans to release "one or two new products every month to meet increasingly diverse customer needs…as LEDs proliferate the general illumination marketplace this year."

Seoul Semiconductor unveils Z6 and Z7 HB-LED lamps

Z-Power LED Z7
The 4-watt Z-Power LED Z7 series is a high-brightness white LED constructed on a special ceramic PCB, and offers 440 lm brightness at 5500K color temperature. The compact Z7 package measures 9 x 7 x 3.2 mm, and is aimed at high-brightness products for indoor and outdoor lighting.

The Z-Power LED Z6 series has four individually-addressable 1W LEDs (red, green, blue and white) LED die in an ultra-small 9 x 7 x 1mm package. Operating all four die at the same time allows the creation of white in a diverse range of color temperatures (pure, warm and neutral).

The Z6 series is aimed at dynamically-colored lighting such as landscape lighting, stage lighting and digital signage. Seoul Semiconductor says that, compared to rival products, the Z6 has "superior
Seoul Semiconductor unveils Z6 and Z7 HB-LED lamps
color mixing properties and is scheduled to be released at a 30% less expensive price point."


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